translating & interpreting services




translating services

Some couples may require some Legal documents to be translated into Italian or English to be accepted by the local authorities in Italy or at home
Just Get Married in Italy  offers Certificate of Non Impediment (CNI) translations services to all couples getting married in Italy, together with  translations of Birth Certificates, Divorce papers, Change of Names by deed poll ,  Marriage Certificates, Marriage Verification and more,  on request, whenever is needed. 
 The service is carried out by Accredited Registered Translators in Italy.
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interpreting services

 A Legal Interpreter is required for a civil ceremony in Italy, legal or catholic and at any legal appointment you may need to attend in Italy prior to the ceremony.

Just Get Married in Italy offer  Legal accredited Interpreters  at pre-wedding appointments at the local authorities in Italy, and at the wedding Ceremony.

We also provide Interpreting Services  and Legal Assistance to couples that want to obtain the  Atto Notorio  (‘Italian free to marry’ sworn declaration),  directly  in Italy.

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