Coronavirus in Italy (covid-19): how can affect your wedding in Italy

  Coronavirus in Italy and your wedding in Italy 

This page aims to keep couples and clients informed with the Latest news on Coronavirus in Italy (covid-19).

Travel  advice is under constant review and may change at short notice, if risks in a country change. You should seek advice from your local covid-19 travel channels, airlines and travel agents  before arranging a trip to Italy or leaving your country. 

UK & EU Entry Requirements in Italy :

From 08.10.20 to 13.11.20, for a limited number of countries , a negative COVID-19 test result is required when you arrive in Italy.

The test needs to have been carried out in the 72 hours prior to your travel and should be a molecular (PCR) or an antigenic test. You’ll be asked to show proof of your test date and result at the border. Alternatively, you can take a free COVID-19 test at the airport when you arrive in Italy (check with your airport in Italy,  about opening time and procedures) .

Check if you can enter in Italy from your country  and/or you need to be tested for covid-19  from the UK Gov Travel Advice page and from the EU union site

Outside the UK & EU / Rest of the World Entry Requirements in Italy :

US  citizens Entry Requirements : check US Travel Advice link

AU citizens Entry Requirements: check Travel outside Australia link 

CA citizens Entry Requirements: check Travel outside Canada link

IT Gov. Safe Travel info/updates/questionnaires (Italian language only):

Last updated 8th of October 2020


COVID-19 Weddings: Italy ended COVID-19 lock-down on 3 June

After a very challenging start I am so happy to announce that the wedding season 2020 in Italy has finally kicked off!
All the social restrictions in Italy connected to the covid-19 emergency, have been removed on June 3rd.
Everything is back as it was before the lock-down. All businesses are open, including bars, shops, gyms, hotels, beaches, museums, public transports, airports, train stations. Travel to Italy for tourism is now possible without a quarantine period.
Social distance and wearing a mask is still required in closed environments and/or when a social distance cannot be guaranteed.
Some restrictions on travel outside your country may still be in place, so always check with your travel agent before arranging your trip to Italy! We can’t wait to welcoming you in Italy !

published on June 2020  (last update: September 2020) 

COVID-19 Weddings in Italy: Can Coronavirus (covid-19) affect your wedding in Italy? 

Hi I am Deborah Taliani from Just Get Married in Italy, a destination wedding planner operating in Italy. On this video I will talk about  the Coronavirus (covid-19) and how it may affect your wedding day in Italy. Wedding planners are used to cope with the unexpected, it’s part of our job and I encourage couples not to panic ahead of their big day. Your wedding won’t be affected by the current restrictions, in place until May 3rd, if it’s outside this period. We couples getting married during this time, have been given the option to postpone it and the rescheduling fees have been waived or go ahead, as some venues, including Rome’s Town hall allow civil weddings, respecting some security measures. For couples that don’t have a new date yet, they will be given a voucher to be used within 1 year. Similar options are also available to other clients outside this time frame to overcome any possible restrictions that might be taken from their home country after this time. 

last updated:  May  2020

covid-19  Weddings & Coronavirus: security measures in Italy 

We thank all our amazing clients for their support and thoughtful messages during this challenging time for Italy ! we are all good and business is as usual. Let’s face it, We are all venturing into new territory, mostly to do with the restrictions imposed rather than the Emergency itself. If you are a bit older like myself, you surely remember other serious emergencies like aids , mad cow disease, Ebola, and more recently SARS and also the Terrorism attacks . The difference with the Coronavirus are the measures taken to stop the outbreak, which are very challenging for all. I know that hearing the news is one thing and being here is a complete different story. What has been restricted is our social life. So, NO party time for Italians until May 3rd . My advice is to follow the World Health Organization procedures and get all info from official government channels. The UK travel advice page is also given you the option to subscribe to a newsletter with the latest updates from Italy, while I found the Irish one, the most comprehensive in explaining clearly the security measures in place until May 3rd, in Italy. Keep washing your hands e Ciao a tutti da Roma!

For more info and updates:

World Health Organization: COVID-19

last updated: March 2020