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Italy has recognized  civil unions and partnerships since 2016, providing same-sex couples with most of the legal protections enjoyed by married couples in Italy. 

The Civil Union & Partnership ceremonies are conducted at  the local Town Hall or venues with a town hall permit, like gardens, villas and castles.

Town hall fees apply to all civil unions in Italy, regardless the citizenship and the type of ceremony (elope, with or without guests).

The amount to pay is fixed by the chosen municipality town administration and payable once the wedding date is confirmed.




how it works

The ceremony is performed by the Mayor or their substitute and is conducted in Italian. An official interpreter (included in our services)  and 2 witnesses over 18 are required by law.

It lasts approximately 20 minutes. The ceremony may be enriched with personal vows, readings and music. 

Depending on the Wedding location in Italy,  you may be requested to sign in person a sworn declaration at the town hall a few days prior the wedding.

Symbolic ceremonies can also take place in Italy ! This gives you the freedom to do the legal part at home or simply declare your commitment to one-another in Italy without the legal hassles . 




We’ll  provide a tailor-made legal  assistance  to get all the  correct marriage paperwork , based on your citizenship.  In pills, any foreign national in order to get married in Italy needs to provide:


  • A valid passport
  • A document that declares that you are free to marry.  (Depending on your citizenship, this document is called in different ways: certificate of non impediment (aka  CNI), Atto Notorio or a single status certificate)
  • A document where each spouse declares his/her will to get married. (Depending on the citizenship, this document is called in different ways: A nulla osta or statutory declaration or sworn declaration
  • If applicable, a divorce certificate or a widow/widower certificate 

Although every effort is made by the authorities/Embassies to accommodate all the pre-wedding appointments to suit your travel arrangements, it is recommended to arrive in Italy: 


  • CEE European countries: 2-3 working days prior (mon to fri)*
  • NON-EU countries, rest of the world: 5 working days prior (mon to fri)*

* this information is only indicative. the arrival time may vary based on your citizenship and residency status.  Check  before making any travel arrangement 

What Clients Say

“Hi Deborah, thank you!  It was really lovely – everyone really liked the ceremony and so did we! 

Chris & Elliot ((uk)

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Hi Deborah, Thank you again for arranging a warm, peaceful wedding ceremony for us ! The Wedding photos are amazing!   Grazie



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Chris & Elliott’s Photo Coverage by  Bros  Photography, Amalfi Coast   |   Mauro &  Luca’s Photo  Coverage by  Studio Santoni, Rome