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Booking conditions during COVID-19

Below are a few key points from our Terms & Conditions which might affect your booking during the pandemic. Once you decide to book with us, there will of course be a proper contract put in place covering all aspects of your event, to give you peace of mind.

At a glance


Pay your package in 4 parts


Up to 12 months at no cost


Don’t pay remaining installments


You can pay for your package in up to 4 installments (see tables below).

The first installment can be as little as 10% to secure your date with us, or 20% if your event is in the current calendar year.

The last installment is the biggest one (40%) and is only due 1 month before your big day.

Events happening in 2021

Installment Amount Due
1st 20% Upon booking
2nd 20% 9 months before
3rd 20% 6 months before
4th 40% 1 month before

Events happening in 2022+

Installment Amount Due
1st 10% Upon booking
2nd 25% 12 months before
3rd 25% 6 months before
4th 40% 1 month before


Whether your wedding is affected by COVID-19, or you need to postpone for any other reason, you can avail of our FREE postponement option. As long as your new date is mutually suitable for all parties involved (i.e. your venue, wedding planner and vendors), you can push back your celebration by up to 12 months from the original date without any penalties or extra charges.

Legal Fees

For Civil or Catholic weddings, the Town Hall /church fees are payable at the time of booking and not refundable.  If you are under any covid-19 restrictions,  and only for reasons connected to the pandemic, Wedding Hall / Churches in Italy allows a rescheduling, moving the paid fee to the new date, based on availability. The availability and move of the fee to a new date cannot be guaranteed and remains fully at their discretion.  Stamp duties, translations, apostilles, and legalization services fees are not recoverable under any circumstances. This means that:

  • if you cancel, these fees are not refundable
  • if your paperwork will expire before the new date, these fees need to be paid again. 


We operate a very simple cancellation policy. Once the due date of an installment passes, that portion of the payment becomes non-refundable. Any Legal Fees are not refundable. Essentially this means all payments are non-refundable once they are paid. No further payments shall be due after cancellation.