JGM Photo & Video:  Rome & Lazio Wedding Gallery



Michael & Ruby

  Wedding in Campidoglio, Rome




Mario & Luca 

Wedding in Villa Borghese, Rome




Matt & Amy

Wedding in Caracalla, Rome






Jarrod & Cassandra

 Roman Forum Wedding, Rome 





Leif & Sandy

 Tivoli Wedding, Rome outskirt





Nathan & Sierra

 Lake Wedding, Rome outskirt






Sam & Cathy

 Campidoglio Wedding, Rome 





Elijah & Lauren 

Garden Wedding, Rome




Stevie & Willie

Castle Wedding, Rome






wedding elope package in rome, ceremony in italy, getting married eloping romeBrett & Jamie

 Castle Wedding, Rome 





elope wedding rome officiant celebrant find a photographer for weddings romeTiago & Sofia 

Symbolic Wedding, Colosseum 




Trent & Jessica

Elope Wedding, Villa Borghese, Rome






casina valadier wedding in rome reception venueDeclan & Sophia

 Campidoglio Wedding, Rome 





rome photographer wedding elope ceremoniesRob & Mel 

Castle Wedding, Rome




Zack & Gina

Bracciano Lake Wedding, Lazio






Chris & Jackie

 Campidoglio Wedding, Rome 





colosseum rome bride groom photo coverageDeren & Kamira

 Villa Borghese, Wedding, Rome 




Mike &  Rebecca

Colosseum Terrace, Wedding, Rome 






Jess & Nancy (USA)

 Elope Wedding, Castle Tivoli





Kerri & Michael (UK)

 Villa D’Este Wedding, Tivoli





elope colosseum rome elopement rome italy weddingsDaniel & Aimee (Ca)

 Colosseum Panoramic View, Rome 




All Photo Albums & Videos  are taken directly from Just Get Married in Italy Weddings, featuring JGM clients having the Time of their Lives in Italy!