Wedding Planning & Coordination in Italy

 wedding planning & COORDINATION SERVICES

ceremony  assistance

We can help you to arrange a Symbolic, religious  or a  legal binding ceremony in Italy.

We’ll  provide a tailor-made legal  assistance  to get all the  correct marriage paperwork , based on your citizenship. 


The Service fees will based on the type of ceremony, location  and level of assistance.


wedding planning 

JGM Assistance in Sourcing, Booking & Management of some or all the wedding vendors and/or Venue at your chosen location in Italy.

The service can include ALL or PART of the following services

  • Sourcing and/or Management of the ceremony venue, the reception venue, vendors, based on your ideas, style, and more importantly, your budget

  • pre-booking arrangements (i.e. check of all the quotes from vendors and all the services included in the menu i.e. portions, choices, number of drinks pp, etc.)

  • translations of menus & quotes

  • checking of the agreements with vendors and venues

  • checking on local taxes, rescheduling, and cancellation policies

  • liaising with the venue during the planning on behalf of the clients (send all your requests and forward all your questions)

  • full management of the venue & vendors during the planning

  • Zoom Meetings 

Based on guests attending and location starting from € 2,500



day coordination

We step in at that crucial end stage to ensure that you can relax into your role as the bride and groom – in time to let you enjoy your wedding!   

The service will include:

  • Zoom discussion two months out to finalize details agreed with your vendors/ceremony/reception venue

  • A detailed timeline for the couple, based on what agreed with vendors/venue

  • A detailed timeline  for the suppliers/vendors to follow on the day,

  • up to 8 hour Wedding day attendance and supervision (hours may be added based on the services to coordinate on the day)

The Wedding  Day Coordination fees will be based on the  level of assistance.

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Wedding day Coordination

Here are the tasks we can accomplish on your special day when a wedding day coordination is booked.

2 hours before the ceremony

  • Meet the industry professionals at the ceremony and reception site(s) for deliveries and set up
  • Instruct ushers on family seating and confirm correct wedding party member has possession of rings prior to the ceremony
  • Take care of any last-minute details that might arise and handle any issues during setup or execution of the wedding
  • Execute all ceremony plans and details with industry professionals
  • Cue bridal party and parents for events
  • Cue Musicians
  • Guests supervision before and during the ceremony
  • Distribute tossing items to guests for the grand exit

Up to 6 hours @ the Reception Site:

  • Supervise the reception setup
  • Coordinate details of reception with industry professionals (catering, florist, musician)
  • Coordinator supervision up to cut of the cake

All services are based on a ceremony &  reception at one location/Town, on the same day.  On request, additional planning  can be added  (pre-wedding  and/or after-wedding events, dinners, brunches, tours)   and the quote will be adjusted accordingly to the level of assistance needed.

  subject to JGM T&C |

Booking conditions

Below are a few key points from our Terms & Conditions . Once you decide to book with us, there will of course be a proper contract put in place covering all aspects of your event, to give you peace of mind.

At a glance


Pay your package in 3  parts


Don’t pay the remaining installments


You can pay for your package in up to 3 installments (see tables below).

The first installment is 50% to secure your date . 25% of the remaining fees is due 6 months prior. The Balance, 2 months prior.

Installment Amount Due
1st 50% Upon booking
2nd 25% 6  months before
3rd 25% 2  months before

For Legal / Religious Marriages:  fees (civil  or catholic ceremony)

On request we  provide a  tailor-made legal assistance to get all the correct marriage paperwork, based on your citizenship.  The legal Assistance, Town hall / Translations / Interpreter/stamp duties or any legal fees are a client’s cost.  They will be calculated and confirmed to the clients,  based on your citizenship, status, residency and chosen venue.


We operate a very simple cancellation policy. Once the due date of an installment passes, that portion of the payment becomes non-refundable. Any Legal Fees are not refundable. Essentially this means all payments are non-refundable once they are paid. No further payments shall be due after cancellation.